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TheTreeApp is a smart-device app that makes it possible for you to identify and learn a great deal about our 980 larger indigenous tree species, as well as 135 alien invasive trees.

What sets this app apart is that it makes it possible for you to establish a positive identification of a tree in the field using an innovative, intuitive and interactive Smart Search process, as well as GPS functionality. But equally importantly that Search process is supported with a wealth of data, images, maps and educational interpretation for you to be able to engage with the world that is waiting for you, in the adventure of Discovering South African trees.

TheTreeApp - Mobile App


Satellite-Interactive Distribution Maps
Over 1 100 distribution maps were created: commissioned for TheTreeApp: one for each species; inter-act with GPS satellites to drive the Location Function.

There are over 2 200 unique images commissioned for TheTreeApp: full colour artworks by Joan van Gogh and black and white pen and ink drawings by Penny Moraites, for each species.

Wifi only Required for Download
All functions are stored within the loaded app and no further wifi is required.

Simple Language Used
In most of the texts in TheTreeApp plain English words are used to describe the plant data.

Tree Names in 11 Vernacular Languages
Gathered from over 30 published sources.

Wide-Ranging Market Appeal
TheTreeApp users will vary from beginners to experts, young to old, and recreational tree-lovers to professional plant personnel in a variety of professions who all can use and enjoy it.

View the video for some insight on how TheTreeApp works and familiarize yourself with the powerful features.

TheTreeApp – an entirely new world of possibilities for tree lovers countrywide

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